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Angel-a-Day 31 October


Angel in her pirate hat. Happy Halloween!

Angel-a-Day: October 23

Angel loves to bask in the sun on our bed.

Angel-a-Day: The Return

I'm full of fail - I know. Somehow in August I got backlogged on photos, and somehow just...never caught back up.

I don't think I can back-post 2+ months of photos, but I can start back up as of today.

So, without futher ado...

A little project I'm working on - a stuffed Angel! So far, all I've got done is her head...

Angel-a-Day/221 of 365

Angel and Jake eating together.

Angel-a-Day/220 of 365

Angel checks out Jacoby during dinner.

Angel-a-Day/219 of 365

Cans R Srs Bizness, says Angel.

Angel-a-Day/217 & 218 of 365

I was having upgrade and backup issues last night...

Day 217: Angel in the kitchen

Day 218: What's that sound?

Angel-a-Day/216 of 365

It's Jacoby the Ruddy Abyssinian kitten!

Angel-a-Day/215 of 365

What is Angel so interested in?

Angel-a-Day/214 of 365

Angel vs the laser pointer!